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The River Lodge

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The Yangshuo River lodge hotel was newly built in 2014 in the beautifull fengsui village of Mushan just out side of Yangshuo by Kuang Zhaong Hua and his wife Zheng Ran Having grown up in Yangshuo as part of the Zhuang Minority and his wife the Yao Minority, the young family wanted to try and capture some of the traditional elements of there culture's that are slowly disappearing in the area.

They also wanted to be able to offer a rural retreat to the many travelers passing through the area whilst at the same time passing on some of there culture and knowledge. The family felt it was important to try and offer guests a real feel for the countryside and decided to setup the hotel by the side of the Li-river which has always been the centre of life in the area.

Having a daughter of there own they understand the importance and needs of a family and built the hotel based around a family dynamic. Offering serveral rooms suitable for familys to enjoy there stay together aswell as including a play room for young children and entertainment for older children including a basketball and badmington court along with a pool table. And for the parents many areas to be able to relax and soak in the ambiance and tranquility of the countryside

All the staff at the hotel have been chosen for there friendly and helpfull atitudes and everyone looks forward to the opportunity to introduce you to the real beauty of Yangshuo through not just the sights and tourist locations but through local knowledge and a passion for passing on there cultre.

We really hope to have the opprtunity to meet you in person and share our love for this beautiful area!