Activities & Sight seeing

Yangshuo truely has something for everyone

One reason Yangshuo is such a great destination for your travels is the diversity of activities it offers. The whole area is covered by some of the most stunning scenery in china, And there are plenty of diverse opportunities to enjoy it.

Yangshuo has many famous attractions including, Moon Hill, Silver Cave, The Water cave, Green Lotus peak, The Seven star Tea Plantation, Fuili Town, Xingping Town (20Y note View) Putao Stone village, The Big Banyan Tree, The Li river, Yulong River, Longji rice terraces & Hunag Yao Accient town. Aswell as countless smaller villages all offering there local charm.

For Those who like an active stay Yangshuo offers, Cycling, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Kungfu tuition under genuine masters, and even water drifting near Xingping

And for those looking to see the cultural side of the area, there is the Cooking school, Mandarin lessons, Tai Chi, Chinese chess, Traditional chinese massage, Calligraphy, Fan Painting, Majong lessons, The famous liu sanje lightshow, Li-river cruise, Bamboo Rafting and tea tours.

With so many things to do it's reccomended that you give yourself at least three days here to take in at least some of the highlights.As there is so much to cover we have broken it down into three catagories to help give you an overview of all the possabilities.


Let us guide you

After seeing all that is on offer in Yangshuo it can seem quite a daunting task to try and arrange activities to get the most out of yout time here.

We can help arrange everything for you, and our staff can reccomend several routes and day trips that will help you get the most out of your stay.

We can also arrange local private guides who have an in depth knowledge of the area and speak english!.